At SuperChurch, kids enjoy an in-depth study the Bible through a media-rich curriculum called Superbook Academy. Over a three week period, kids view a Superbook episode, Bible Background, and Signpost videos based on actual biblical characters and events in the Bible. They sing along with worship music videos and participate in creative games and activities. Through this process, children go deeper into the Bible, become empowered as they memorize Scripture, and learn to apply what they discover in their everyday lives.

Monthly Feature Story

Miracles of Jesus

Superbook transports Chris, Joy, and Gizmo back in time to witness the truly miraculous. There, they meet Jesus and see what true power can do, from healing the crippled to calming the winds and waves. Your students will discover that God’s power is unmatchable—even the greatest enemy of all is powerless before Him. And, they’ll learn that God’s power is at work in the world today.

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Superbook- Miracles of Jesus