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God Is With You

Life, Scripture and Words to Live By!

Life, Scripture and Words to Live By!

God is with you – He will never forsake you.

He will never call you to a course of action and leave you helpless or powerless. He is always with you. God’s love is a seal on your life – nothing can remove it.  God literally gave His only Son, His most prized and representation of WHO God is.  He desired that you would see the literal hand of God in a living person who walked with the diseased, the troubled, the hungry, the hurting. The only ones who could not benefit from His presence were the prideful who relied on their own knowledge, money or position to get what they needed.

If you are in the lowest of lows, Jesus is there (Read here:  ). He binds up the wounds of the broken hearted by His very own hand. He comforts the grieving and takes note of every single tear, even those tears wept on the inside.

If you are wondering about provision or direction, Jesus IS wisdom. As you seek after Jesus’ presence, and you pray (not just “wish,” but take the time to pray), God will reveal to you first His peace, and then His way. It’s God’s gift that He gives us His supernatural peace first – it’s the inner notion that whatever happens, God is working all for the good. Then, God is free to act in our lives and we are open to receive whatever He brings about.

Right now, God is with you. His presence fills the Earth – the entire universe – and so, my friend, know that He is with you right now. He will never leave you. You can trust the God who holds the Earth in the exact position of orbit to hold you and your troubles today. He is Love and you are His heart.

Be still, and know He is working.

With love, Kate Costa

hebrews 13-5

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