Resurrection Life Honor Commitment

As a leader at Resurrection Life, I realize that I am a representative of the church and the Lord Jesus Christ. I agree to continually develop the relationship that I have with God through prayer and Bible study. I commit to care for my personal wellbeing – spirit, soul, and body. I will also nurture my family relationships, giving them priority over my ministry responsibilities.

I commit myself to Resurrection Life by regularly attending church services, praying for church leaders and church needs, speaking only life-giving words about the church and its leaders, and giving my tithes and offerings.

I agree to give attention to the development of relationships with other believers. I will be a team player and work together with others in unity. I will keep my attitude positive and uplifting. I will not be argumentative, opinionated, or allow strife and offenses. I will be quick to repent and quick to forgive.

I agree to keep myself accountable to the person in church authority over me. I will be careful not to be offended by instruction, but rather yield to my overseer with my heart surrendered to God’s care. I recognize that I am not alone, and if I see that I need help, I will contact the person in authority over me in ministry.

In leading others, I will serve people with humility and honor. I will build relationships with them to earn their trust through God’s love that is in my heart. I will take responsibility to help them fulfill God’s plan for their lives.

I will not repeat information given to me in confidence unless that information is causing harm to the individual or another person. In that case, I will notify the person in authority over me so they can take the appropriate action.

If I see that someone is in error, even if it is someone in authority, I will first go to them privately. If the matter is not corrected, I will consult someone on the church Board. At all times, I will demonstrate God’s love by not repeating the matter to anyone other than the church authority I have entrusted.

I will be faithful to keep my word, to be prompt, honest and hardworking. I will not gossip, criticize, or complain. I will not respond to criticism or make negative comments about other ministers or ministries. I will conduct myself wisely in all forms of online communication/social media/texting, and will not involve myself in any kind of conflict, or inappropriate or questionable relationships, coarse joking, vulgar language, mean or sarcastic speech, or any of the like – taking seriously the responsibility of representing the love and purity of Christ in all that I say and write.

Even if my personal convictions differ, I will abstain from profanity, smoking, alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, and all behaviors which could influence a weaker Christian to fall away from their faith.

For my own reputation and the reputation of the church, I will respect the opposite sex with my speech, appearance, and conduct. I will avoid being alone with someone of the opposite sex so as not to give the appearance of wrongdoing. I realize that I need to guard myself from temptation in any form, not putting myself in any sort of compromising situation.

I will treat my brothers and sisters in Christ with equality, not giving preference to anyone based on their age, race, or gender.

I realize that in living a holy lifestyle before God and others, I have freedom to know the blessings found in the life of God. In keeping the Honor Code, I understand that I am not being restricted, but liberated to know true joy and peace that Christ purchased for me at the cross.


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