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I really have so many amazing things to say. I will try and sum it up. It was encouraging and beautiful to have witnessed the spiritual freedom be encouraged and allowed by leadership to those who normally receive the blessings of a spirit filled faith and message to step out. Being rooted in a solid faith and truthful doctrine has filled all those to step out in faith to deliver Gods word and the power it had and has to change lives. What a blessing worship was! Beautiful hearts ready and prepared! Tony’s word was straight from the heart and pure!!! I love that. It is a TRUE message and it was honest and piercing. Thank you Tony. Don’t stop letting God lead you! I look for more. Little Keith reminding me to intentionally remember all the miracles that God has ALREADY done!! Wow. I’m still counting! I have been encouraged and strengthened once again. Lisa, your testimony of Gods provision with the love of his people helping you in a time of such difficulty shows us all that we can’t and shouldn’t go through things alone. That God always provides for us!! All of those who served and shared yesterday are truly an extension of Gods loving hands and I personally know a visitor yesterday felt the love. ? Trina Pampani